Winged Eyeliner by Miss Teen Santee

One of my favorite trends is the classic winged eyeliner. This trend developed in Egyptian times and made its popular debut in the 1960s. Winged eyeliner has been a long lasting trend ever since. One of the reasons that I like winged eyeliner so much is that it’s chic but very unique because your eyeliner never turns out the same way twice. Winged eyeliner makes your eyes appear larger and is flattering on everyone. As the saying goes, “Your eyes are the window to your soul”. Another thing that I love about winged eyeliner is that it is very universal. Winged eyeliner can be dressed up with false lashes and a bright lip color or dressed down for an everyday look with just mascara and a bare lip. Some of my favorite celebrities that rock winged eyeliner are Lauren Conrad, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. This is a timeless look, that with a little practice, anyone can create.


Brianna Stafford

Miss Teen Santee 2014

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