The Winning Crown

With the Miss California USA Pageant this weekend, I wanted to share this poem that Pam Wilson once read to me. I feel that it has always reminded me of what is important and kept me grounded throughout competition. Enjoy!

It’s not the title, nor the crown that counts.
It’s not the weight that’s lost that really amounts.
It’s not the makeup design, or the gown that you wear,
Or the shape of your build or the length of your hair.
You see, the growth of a Queen is all done inside.
It’s nothing support hose or makeup can hide.
The real preparation is done in the mind
It’s leaving your fears and faults behind.
It’s lifting your soul to a place that’s far seen
It’s molding a woman to the height of a Queen.
It’s hard and it’s work, it’s not easily done
But when it’s over, you’ll know who has won.
When the pageant is through and the lights are turned down,
You’ll know you’re a winner and you’ll have your crown.
You see, all crowns are different, it’s really an art.
Yours can be rhinestones or the growth of the heart.

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