Miss USA 2015 Predictions

Since our Miss San Diego Cities pageant is a prelim to Miss California USA, we thought it might be helpful and fun to analyze the performances from Wednesday night’s preliminary competition.

Here is our Top 10 in no particular order:

Alabama – We loved her walk, she looked great in swimsuit and loved her gown. Although it was a little short in the front, we feel the color and shape fit her well. She’s an all around beautiful girl but may be a little too rehearsed.

California – She speaks well and is confident & calm. Her gown was amazing and was one of our favorites of the night! It fit her body perfectly and the color really popped on her skin. We would not be surprised it she is in the Top 5, this girl is genuine & down-to-earth. Go California!

Georgia – No one seems to be talking about her in the forums but we loved her! She spoke confidently into the microphone without yelling… very refreshing! She has a great body but could have shown a little more energy in swimsuit. Her gown on the other-hand was outstanding!! The color and fit was spot on! We hope to see her in the Top 5 or even walking away with the crown.

Maryland – This girl is gorgeous. She has a beautiful face, is tall and in great shape! We wish that she would have tamed her hair a little in swimsuit (it kept getting in her face) but otherwise she looked awesome. Very confident. Her gown was simple, which allowed us to focus on her but we hope she has something with a little more “wow” factor on Sunday. She will probably be in the Top 5.

Michigan – We don’t love this girl but everyone seems to be talking about her. To us it looks like she’s mimicking Alyssa Campanella but isn’t quite pulling it off. She definitely stands out but comes across in a cocky way with all of her facial expressions. We really liked how she looked in swimsuit but the gowns she wore in her photo and during prelims were not flattering at all.

Nevada – She is very polished and looked great in swimsuit. Nevada is a former California girl and has had great training leading up to Miss USA. Her dress was a little much with the sleeves and big train but it definitely stood out! Nevada is a strong contender and we wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the Top 5!

North Carolina – One of the most beautiful faces on the Miss USA stage, but is it too familiar? We are already comparing her to her sister and because of that we’re not that impressed. She looked ok in swimsuit but we really didn’t like her gown. It made her look matronly and bigger that she really is. That being said, we feel that her family history, experience & training will help her get into the Top 10 and possibly even further.

Oklahoma – She is a model and it’s obvious that she is comfortable onstage and in front of the camera. Wearing that big, pink, southern bell style dress was definitely a risk but we didn’t hate it. We just wish she would have had the gown altered so she wasn’t carrying it the whole time. We focused a little too much on the dress, instead of on her. Also her facial expressions were a little disingenuous but even with all that, we won’t be surprised if she is in the Top 5.

Pennsylvania – We love her! Such a sweet girl. She has a great body and looked awesome in swimsuit. Her gown was beautiful but it was a little too tight in the legs so she had a hard time walking (especially down the stairs). As another former California girl, who worked at a gown store, we are curious if she will have a different dress for finals night.

Rhode Island – This girl could be a dark horse, she isn’t the most beautiful girl on the stage but she is so confident and had great energy onstage. Her dress had a lot going on in the details but you didn’t even notice because she owned it! Look out for Rhode Island!


Other stand outs:

Arizona – She is a cute girl and her styling was great.

Delaware – This girl’s face is absolutely stunning! She looked like she could be in a Covergirl commercial but didn’t seem very approachable. Her look/styling might actually be better on a teen contestant.

Louisiana – The hometown favorite looked great. She had the biggest hair onstage which looked gorgeous but was a little overpowering for her small frame.

Minnesota – She has a natural beauty, like the girl next door. We feel she looked good in swimsuit and gown but the light pink color was too young and didn’t seem to fit her.

Ohio – Some people hated her dress. We loved it. It was kind of crazy but it stood out from all the other traditional gowns and the colors looked great on her tan skin and blonde hair.

Texas –  Her original headshot in the white and turquoise dress looked awesome which was kind of a similar look to the simple white gown and up-do we saw in evening gown.

Utah – Again she is not the most beautiful girl on the stage but she has a great stage presence. She was well-spoken and looked great in swimsuit.


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