Well Manicured Nails by Miss Teen La Mesa

You’re appearance is something you should consider every day before you leave the house. Most of the time girls do their hair, makeup, and focus on getting dressed. However many girls overlook their nails. Although it may not seem like many people pay attention to your nails when you are at school or events, it is definitely a noticeable thing. When you talk with your hands and make gestures, a bright green nail polish can cause your audience to become distracted and lose focus on what you’re saying. Chipped polish or a crazy design can also be distracting. Whether you are representing your city, the company you work for or even just yourself, I believe that well-manicured nails with a simple clear coat, nude, or soft color is the best choice. It’s clean and classy. So the next time you are getting ready to go somewhere, don’t forget to make sure your nails are freshly manicured!



Kelli Loper

Miss Teen La Mesa 2014

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