Setting Your Own Trend

The first step to setting a trend is figuring out what style of clothing you like. For example, I like classy and flowy so I might put a bright floral skater skirt with a loose bright tank top, and to top it off add a jean jacket. Voila! I now have my very own trend. I suggest going to the mall and looking at EVERYTHING!!!! You can also look online at pictures of stylish outfits and extract every part that represents you.The key to setting your own trend is finding something that represents your personality, just be you and don’t be afraid to be different.The second step is to find the perfect shoes, now when I say perfect shoes I don’t mean glass slippers. I mean shoes that are you and ones that you feel comfortable in. For example, when I competed for Miss Teen Santee I wore flats, because thats what I felt comfortable in. Other times I may wear are a pair of medium sized wedges or sassy sandals with a fun flowy dress. Last but not least, add some makeup to finish off the look! I suggest matching your makeup with your outfit, if you have something flowy on, use light shades for your eyeshadow and go really light on the foundation, but if your outfit is really bright and edgy then you are going to want to use something that has a little more glam in it. I suggest using colors that will make your eyes pop and really define your cheekbones. Woo-hoo, you now know how to set your very own trend. Never forget that the only way your trend is going to work is if you are confident and love what you’re wearing!!



Heather Cantin

Miss Teen Santee 2015

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