The Perfect “Everyday Lip”

I’ve always been obsessed with lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains, etc. and have developed quite the collection of them over the years. But it wasn’t until recently that I discovered my personal favorite “go-to” mix of lip products. I personally think a lip color has the ability to completely transform or complete a makeup look—and can also ruin one! Accurately choosing a lipstick to complete a look truly is an art. For a glam night out, a strong lip color can really vamp up your look. Whether it’s a deep plum (I recommend MAC Cosmetics’ “DIVA”) or a bright red (MAC’s “RUSSIAN RED” is the best!), a strong lip color can give you that extra little bit of confidence and help make you look fierce! For the longest time I struggled to find the perfect color that I could wear universally—for a day of class or when dressing up for a fancy event. Leading up to the Miss California USA 2015 pageant I searched and searched and fell in love with the fun combo I created—Loreal “007 Rose Quartz” lip liner, MAC’s “FAUX” lipstick, and finished off with MAC’s “DEELIGHT” lip gloss. It totally works for me (I’m wearing it now!) and goes with many different looks. Ultimately, I advise all women to put thought into their lip color when getting ready for their day or for a night of adventure and have fun with it!


Leona Koxha

Miss Teen San Diego Cities 2014

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