Miss Teen USA 2015 Recap

After watching both the Miss Teen USA preliminary competition and finals competition, I wanted to recap my thoughts on the young women who made the Top 15. My hope is that the feedback will help those of you who may be preparing for your own competition!


Alabama –  I didn’t remember her hair being pulled over to the side during prelims and I have to say that I really didn’t like it during finals. I’m not quite sure why she did this as I thought it looked messy and did not flow as she walked or compliment her face. Her gown on the other hand fit her body very well! I just wish the color would have been a little brighter or there would have been something else in the design of the gown to give it a little pop.

Arizona – had good energy on stage although she was a little bouncy in swimsuit with her walk and with how she carried her head. I liked the color of her gown but I didn’t feel it complimented her body. The slit in the skirt (which I assume was added) caused the fabric to get stuck between her legs and it looked awkward.

Arkansas – It is so important to have strong posture, and I definitely noticed Arkansas poor posture in swimsuit. Ladies, hold your shoulders back and show the judges how confident you are and excited to be there! I loved the gown, the color was great and the little shorts stood out. However, I noticed that she was focused on making sure her leg popped thru the slit and it was distracting me from focusing on her glamour, beauty & grace. To avoid having this happen, take walking lessons and perfect how to work your dress prior to pageant day.

California (1st Runner-Up) – She has an amazing body and her energy in swimsuit was great. I loved the simple gown, the material fit her perfectly and showed off her great figure. The one thing I think she could have improved upon was her answer to the 1st question they asked her on-stage. She didn’t answer what home schooling was like, instead she just moved on to talk about college and didn’t really go into much detail their either. Make sure you listen to the question and answer it! Then you can add in extra information if necessary. On the other-hand, I thought her 2nd answer was phenomenal and really liked that she tied in the “Confidently Beautiful” slogan.

Louisiana (Miss Teen USA 2015)- She walked on stage like she owned it in swimsuit! She had a similar confidence in gown that was just a little more sophisticated. However, I didn’t feel like the neck line on her dress was very flattering. Her fun fact about singing the Presidents definitely helped her as she won people over as she sang and asked them to clap along. She was adorable.

Massachusetts (4th Runner-Up) – looked very much like a teen. I thought she was cute, like the girl next door but she didn’t wow me. She looked good in swimsuit but I did not like her gown. It was not flattering to her figure and was over whelming and matronly on her. After she was called into the Top 5, I noticed the big cuff earring on her left ear which I personally did not like. I thought it was distracting. Instead of looking at her face I looked at her ear. It was apparent to me that she was nervous as she answered her questions. Her voice seemed a little shaky and she never said what she would like to see invented. Instead she talked about the clothing business she wants to start… Again answer the question.

Missouri – She was a little firecracker. I liked her a lot. She had a great body although I noticed that she had what I like to call “crab claws”and she wasn’t the only one! This is when you clamp your fingers all together like pinchers. Instead it is important to delicately spread your fingers apart and lightly place them on your waist. In gown, I loved the color and shape of her dress, it fit her perfectly! The only other thing I’d say about Missouri is that she needs to relax her smile… at times it seemed a little forced.

New York – I was honestly a little surprised that NY made the Top 15. I felt there were contestants that performed better in swimsuit & gown… Like Ohio… Oh my gosh she was gorgeous and had such a fresh look. Perhaps NY had an amazing interview? I really disliked her gown as I felt there was too much going on up top with the silver belt and the silver filled-in v-neck… it distracted me from looking at the girl.

North Carolina (2nd Runner-Up) – She had a great body and energy. Again I really liked the simplicity of the dress was more. However, I felt it was a little “Miss” and the halter top didn’t fit her quite right… like it was pulled up to high around her neck. She answered her questions well and built upon the thought that this is a generation of change, which Massachusetts talked about.

Oklahoma – had great confidence on stage, looked gorgeous in swimsuit. I feel she could have benefited from some runway lessons as she swung her arms a little too much. In gown I felt the top of her dress was a bit much, it distracted me from looking at her face.

Pennsylvania – I was really surprised she didn’t make the Top 5. She looked really good in swimsuit and I loved her pink gown. It was a very glamorous and age appropriate. She looked like a Miss Teen USA to me.

South Carolina – her energy on stage was great. One thing I did notice was that her body was much tanner than her face. Girls, if you plan to get a spray tan, it’s important that you have them tan your face and get make-up to match your new skin tone. I loved her dress, the fit was excellent!

Tennessee (3rd Runner-Up)- seemed very humble. I liked that she kinda laughed at herself when she couldn’t get her sarong off right away but then very quickly turned it around and walked confidently down the runway. One thing that stands out to me in swimsuit is when girls have forgotten about their backside… as you are preparing and working out, don’t forget your butt! I liked that Tennessee chose a bright cheerful color but I disliked this dress. The train starting at the back of her knee was weird. She answered her questions ok but didn’t wow me.

Texas – good body and energy in swimsuit… I wish she wouldn’t have fixed her hair when it fell in her face. If this happens to you, try to just let it be but avoid the issue all together by testing out your hair and make-up ahead of time with a few trial runs. I absolutely loved her purple gown with the floral train. I think this was my favorite dress of the entire pageant. I liked her hair up it was very chic but I think it make her look older. This style would be better on a Miss. In watching Texas, I also had to wonder, was dark hair a theme this year with the Texas directors? If you think back to Miss USA, Miss Texas also had dark brown/black hair. In both cases, it stood out, so if it was done on purpose, bravo!

Vermont – nice body. She seemed very rehearsed so I wasn’t sure if she was having fun or just going thru the motions. I really like velvet gowns but I wish she wouldn’t have carried her train the entire time. The dress itself was boring, the train is what made it… so I wanted to see it move!


All in all making it to the Top 15 at Miss Teen USA is a huge accomplishment! Each and every one of these girls should be proud and have fond memories when they look back at all of the hard work that allowed them to get this far! Congratulations ladies!


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