Be Confident in Your Skin

It is very important to develop a skin care regiment at a young age to keep your skin looking beautiful in the future and Dermalogica is my absolute favorite skin care brand! Their clear start break-out system really helps with breakouts and is gentle on your skin. Every morning I wash my face with Dermalogica’s clear start foaming wash and apply clear start daytime treatment. I also apply a matte moisturizer, which contains SPF 15. At night, after washing my face, I apply clear start night time treatment. I believe taking good care of your skin is a very important habit to develop at a young age because the better your skin looks, the more confident you feel. Having good skin has helped me to be a confident young woman and that confidence played a role in me becoming Miss Teen La Mesa. I hope to learn to become more confident through this position. After all, in everything you do, confidence is the key to success.


Kaitilyn Mayhue

Miss Teen La Mesa 2015

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