Farewell from Miss Santee 2015

“We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?” – Dr. Who Determination and perseverance are qualities I’ve always been proud to have learned. When I won Miss Santee 2015, it wasn’t my first time competing for the title, but my 7th. It was because of these qualities that I had a unique appreciation for the journey I went on. There are many people that made my story an epic one this year. Robin- Our mama bear. Thank you for all your support and getting us some awesome events. Maria- From chaperoning events to fashion advice, you were there for whatever I needed you for. Also, thanks for always getting us the coolest parade cars. Sierra- The queen of queens. You were always there for whatever I needed and always went along with our crazy ideas. Tiffany and Katie- I couldn’t ask for better sister queens. You ladies are hilarious, the life of the party, and the most genuinely nice girls I have ever met. To the city council- Thank you for always making us feel welcome at any event we were at. Ron, thanks for all those photo bombs. John Morley- Any event you were at instantly became my favorite. You weren’t afraid to put us to work which I am extremely thankful for as it made my year 10x better. To the Chamber- Thank you for welcoming us into your “family” and making us feel right at home wherever we were. To Joseph Scott aka G.I. Joe- Thank you for making sure I always look fit and fabulous. Suzanne and Mike- Thank you for letting me steal your amazing kid for the year. You have become like a second set of parents. Thanks for all your support and having such an awe- some kid. Mom and Dad- At 15 you weren’t so sure about this whole pageant thing but here we are now and I have the best pageant parents around. You have always been my personal cheerleaders and the “momarazzi.” Thank you for all your support and the mil- lions of pictures. I love you sooo much. Heather- I can’t believe this year is over. Seems like just yesterday I was freaking you out at the queens dinner by asking for a picture. Now a year later I have discovered how crazy, goofy, and exactly like me you are. I will always remember you and how we met Scott Eastwood. Thanks for always singing with me at the top of our voices to the country music in my car. I love you this big. To the next Miss Santee- Soak it all in, don’t blink because it’ll be over before you open your eyes. It’s your time, enjoy it. “Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”- Peter Pan I’ve never been one for good-byes because it’s so permanent. I will never say goodbye to this year, my experiences, or the people I met. This is simply see you later.

Forever your Miss Santee 2015

– Rebecca Hudson

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