Miss San Diego Cities Pageant Beauty Secrets

When I was asked to write a blog about my beauty secrets, all I could think was that my only secret is that I steal other people’s secrets! Honestly. This year, the Miss San Diego Cities Pageant provided me with incredible sponsors who have changed my life. Ahn from Ahn Skin and Beauty opened my eyes to a whole new world when she told me my eyebrows desperately needed help. Now I can’t go a single day without making sure they’re perfect. I had no idea that the shape of your eyebrows could change your whole face! Also, Lori from Shades Mobile Tan has made it impossible for me to go anywhere important without having, as she calls it, “a sun-kissed glow.” Something about being tan makes me feel so confident! I guess the only beauty secret that I didn’t steal is the importance of taking care of my skin, and that’s not really even a secret. Sure, we can put make up on to cover up anything we don’t want showing, but in the end all we’re doing is covering up bad skin and making the problem worse. Plus, I’m 25, so I’m pretty sure wrinkles are in my near future. So, I’m obsessive about washing my face twice a day, with a formula that matches my skin type (go ahead and splurge a little…this is your face we’re talking about), moisturizing, and always, ALWAYS, wearing sunscreen (no skin cancer please). On top of that, healthy eating and drinking A LOT of water are always good ways to keep your skin clear! In writing this, I hope there might be a beauty secret here you can steal and make your own, whether it be for the Miss San Diego Cities Pageant or just everyday life!



Miss San Diego Cities 2014


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