The Perfect “Everyday Lip”

I’ve always been obsessed with lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains, etc. and have developed quite the collection of them over the years. But it wasn’t until recently that I discovered my personal favorite “go-to” mix of lip products. I personally think a lip color has the ability to completely transform or complete a makeup look—and can also ruin one! Accurately choosing a lipstick to complete a look truly is an art. For a glam night… Read more »

Miss San Diego Cities at Miss California USA

Last month I had the opportunity to compete in the Miss California USA pageant in Long Beach. My first impression walking into our orientation meeting was noticing how stunningly beautiful all of the contestants were. My second impression was realizing that not only were they absolutely gorgeous, these women were driven, goal-oriented, intelligent, and all striving to be the best version of themselves possible. It’s incredibly humbling to walk into a group of powerful women… Read more »

My Miss California Teen USA Pageant Experience

Just a few weeks ago I participated in the Miss California Teen USA 2015 pageant in Long Beach, CA and I still think about my experience every day! I grew up watching the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA pageants and they’ve always been a big deal in my house. I’ve always been a huge fan of pageants and of our Miss CA USA titleholders so to actually compete in the pageant felt… Read more »

Clean Skin with Clarisonic

Do you battle with breakouts? Have you tried all the creams, pills and potions out there? Maybe you’re just not getting your skin clean each day? Let’s face it, as young women and titleholders, we wear a LOT of makeup! Sometimes after a long day and coming home late after pageant events we don’t want to spend 10-20 minutes washing our face. With the Clarisonic Smart Profile all the work is done in 1 minute!… Read more »

Well Manicured Nails by Miss Teen La Mesa

You’re appearance is something you should consider every day before you leave the house. Most of the time girls do their hair, makeup, and focus on getting dressed. However many girls overlook their nails. Although it may not seem like many people pay attention to your nails when you are at school or events, it is definitely a noticeable thing. When you talk with your hands and make gestures, a bright green nail polish can… Read more »

Healthy Snacks by Miss La Mesa 2014

There are many ways I like to prepare to compete in a pageant, especially physically. Being “in shape” for a pageant does not mean you have to lose a bunch of weight or barely eat. It just means that you take care of yourself and live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Being a Nutrition major at SDSU, I have learned many healthy recipes that taste amazing and are also good for you! Here are a… Read more »

Miss Universe 2014 Preliminary Competiton

Who else watched the 2014 Miss Universe preliminary competition the other night? As we tuned in, of course we had to take notes. Some of the standouts were: Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, Guyana, Lithuania, Mexico and of course we LOVE Miss USA, Nia Sanchez! Her gown was absolutely beautiful and it fit her perfectly. In watching each contestant compete in evening gown and swimsuit, it was very clear which girls had taken professional… Read more »

Miss La Mesa and Miss Santee 2015 Mixer

On Thursday, January 15th 2015 we hosted our Miss La Mesa and Miss Santee mixer at 9211 Golondrina Drive in La Mesa. It was such a fun event! We were able to meet some of our 2015 contestants and get them pre-registered for our upcoming pageant on Friday, March 6th 2015. The girls were able to mingle, make new friends and talk to our 2014 titleholders while enjoying some healthy snacks and Red Velvet Buntinis…. Read more »