About The Miss La Mesa Pageants

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Miss La Mesa and Miss Teen La Mesa.

The Miss La Mesa pageants have been a tradition in the city of La Mesa for more than 60 years! Our program is rich with tradition and is an outstanding mentoring and leadership opportunity for young women.

Being Miss La Mesa or Miss Teen La Mesa is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You become part of a sisterhood of amazing women and will be a part of history forever. Many people ask what would be expected of me should I win?

For the most part your year as a titleholder is what you make of it. There are some “major” events that the titleholders participate in every year: Spring Harp Fest, Oktoberfest, Christmas Village, Car Shows and Parades. In addition, the titleholders will attend the events held by the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce including grand openings, mixers and special events. Some weeks there may be 3 events while others may have none. Some Miss La Mesa titleholders go above and beyond to volunteer and assist with organizations that they are passionate about. It is really up to you to make the most of your year…it goes by so fast!

We do ask that should you win you give this job your 110% effort, as you are taking the opportunity away from the other girls in the pageant who would do anything for the opportunity. School, family and work always come first, but your pageant obligations should come next. Events come up all days of the week at all hours and we do our best to get you at as many of them as possible. We won’t ask you to skip class or a family wedding for an event but it may mean getting up at 6 a.m. to go to a chamber breakfast or missing out on a night with friends to attend a business grand opening. If you participate in sports or other school activities, that ok! Sometimes the busiest girls make the best titleholders because they already know how to manage their schedules. So please think twice before you say “I am too busy for this!” It’s a lot of work but is a rewarding experience!

Some of the benefits of participating in this program are:

  • Winners may receive a scholarship in addition to other prizes
  • The ability to track community service hours (which can be used on college & job applications)
  • Networking – Our titleholders serve as city ambassadors and interact with city officials and the Chamber of Commerce throughout the year
  • Learn the art of the interview
  • Improve public speaking & presentation skills
  • Utilize the organization to make a change and support causes you are passionate about
  • Make new friends

We are so excited for you to participate and look forward to meeting you!