4 Points Events Testimonials

“My year as Miss San Diego Cities Teen USA 2017 has been one to remember. Sierra is such an amazing director and truly cares about her girls. She invests so much time to make you the best you. She has helped me perfect my walk and my speaking abilities for Miss California Teen USA. She is so supportive and when I competed at Miss California Teen USA I could hear her cheering as loud as she could especially when I made Top 20. Couldn’t have asked for a better director.” – Marlene Freerksen, Miss San Diego Cities Teen USA 2017 & Top 20 at Miss California Teen USA

“Participating as a Jr. Miss Santee at 12 years old, I never would have dreamt it would lead to my participation in the Miss California Teen USA pageant. Through this experience I have gained poise, self-confidence and interview skills. It has also afforded me numerous opportunities to meet & network with people from all walks of life. Thanks to Sierra Billock and 4 Points Events for coaching and mentoring me every step of the way. I could not have done it without you.” – Brianna Stafford, Jr. Miss Santee 2013, Miss Teen Santee 2014 & Miss San Diego Cities Teen USA 2016

“Being part of the 4 Points Sisterhood has been a once in a lifetime experience. Growing up, I always dreamed about holding a title that had my cities name on it, but thought it was far out of reach for me. I finally decided to push myself and see how far I could go. I first competed in Miss San Diego Cities in 2015, and although I didn’t leave with the title, I left with lifelong friendships and gained an experience I would never change for the world. I came back in 2016, and that dream became a reality. Meeting Sierra was one of the biggest blessings I could’ve ever asked for. She believed in me from the very beginning and brought out the inner-confidence I didn’t even know I had. I’ve had the most incredible year with my pageant sisters and director, and I know it’s only going to keep getting better from here. Now, as surreal as it still is for me, I get to represent San Diego Cities at Miss California USA. I know I’m going to enter pageant weekend feeling my most confident and beautiful inside and out, all because of the 4 Points Events team that helped get me there. I feel like the luckiest girl alive every day to get to live out my dream, and I hope that every girl does the same.” – Cecilia Rodriquez, Miss San Diego Cities USA 2016 & Top 20 at Miss California USA

“Becoming part of the 4 Points Event sisterhood has been an unforgettable, life-changing experience. I work with some of the best directors in the field. Sierra, Robin, Maria and Erynne are all strong, caring women who provide contestants and titleholders with the tools to believe in themselves and work towards being the best they can be. Competing in pageants has been a time of self-discovery which has turned me into a more confident, outgoing person. Being a titleholder has allowed me to develop poise in social situations, think on my feet, network, develop leadership skills, and work with many incredible people and organizations.  I would encourage you to compete in a 4 Points pageant.  You will learn more about yourself, garner essential life skills and gain life-long friends.” – Susanna Wiggins, Miss Teen San Diego Cities 2013, Miss La Mesa 2016

“”3rd time’s the charm” I was told as I was leaving to compete for Miss Teen Santee for the 3rd year in a row. It may have taken 3 years but that was when I won and ever since then, I know that hard work really does pay off. Being a part of the 4 points events sisterhood is the experience of a lifetime. I learned something new every year I competed, not just the year I won… But when I was crowned Miss Teen Santee, it was not the crown that I was so ecstatic about, but the amazing opportunities I was about to be given. I have enjoyed my year thus far and can not wait to compete at Miss San Diego Cities USA in April. I want to thank Sierra and Maria for supporting me since the first year I ever competed all the way until now. I can’t wait to continue pursuing my dreams and pageant career through the 4 Points Events program.” – Kaylyn Rambo, Miss Teen Santee 2016

“My experience as Miss San Diego Cities USA has been nothing but exciting and positive. I am ever grateful to my directors Sierra and Robin, for creating the opportunity to represent San Diego at Miss California USA. Working with charities like Glamour Gowns LA and benefits for Sharp Hospital throughout the year, was the most rewarding part of the job. The chance to attend events and television interviews allowed me to enhance my communication skills and build new relationships in the entertainment field as well as with other titleholders. A huge bonus was the support of our Miss California pageant sponsors. Their generosity was touching and made the year especially enjoyable. I feel fortunate to be a part of the San Diego Cities legacy and know that my successor, and future titleholders, will never regret their decision to compete in the pageant, because they will undoubtedly experience an enriching year of growth and precious memories.” – Dani Walker, Miss San Diego Cities USA 2015 & Miss Montana USA 2018

“Throughout my years of competing for the Miss Santee title I have learned many things, from speaking and interviewing skills to poise and confidence. This year as Miss Santee 2015 I was given the chance to network with members of my community, including city council and chamber members. I competed in the Miss Santee pageant 7 times before winning and I truly believe that it was because of 4 Points Events and the opportunities that the title gives to you. Everything I have learned through my reign as Miss Santee has shaped me into the strong confident women that I am today.” – Rebecca Hudson, Miss Santee 2015

“At first I was on the fence about competing for the title of Miss Teen Santee, but competing has changed my life drastically. I’ve learned so much about myself that I never knew before, like the fact that I can walk in heels or speaking to complete strangers in my community. I got the amazing opportunity to meet city council and chamber members, and every single one of them were so sweet! My reign has been the best year of my life, I gained 3 new sisters and spent it with the best directors ever. 4 Points Events, thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me and creating the opportunity for young women to make a difference in their community.” – Heather Cantin, Miss Teen Santee 2015

“As a native to the city of La Mesa becoming Miss La Mesa was a huge honor. It gave me the opportunity to connect with members of my community, raise thousands of dollars for numerous charities and meet wonderful women who want to make a difference. This entire experience only makes me wish I had joined the pageant community sooner. Thank you 4 Points Events for making a permanent positive difference in my life! You are a irreplaceable member to the Cities of La Mesa and Santee.” – Tiffany Hoffman, Miss La Mesa 2015

“When I won the title of Miss Teen San Diego Cities it wasn’t the crown and sash (which are both so beautiful!) that changed my life…it was the opportunities that came with earning such a title. As a 4 Point Events titleholder I was exposed to incredible city fundraising events, galas, and benefits which helped foster my passion for community service. Along with serving as a teenage role model for the young women in the cities of San Diego, I was also given the opportunity to compete at the Miss California Teen USA 2015 pageant. My AMAZING directors (Sierra Billock & Robin Schweitzer) helped me gain the confidence I needed to represent my best self. I would recommend this pageant to any and every young woman interested in being a positive influence in her city while developing essential life skills! I will always look back on my year as Miss Teen San Diego Cities with a smile; the directors genuinely cared for me and helped mold me into a more confident and self-aware young woman. And for that I am forever grateful!” – Leona Koxha, Miss Teen San Diego Cities 2014

“Being Miss La Mesa 2014 was one of the best experiences of my life! My favorite part of my year was being able to bond with my Teen, Kelli. I do not have any siblings of my own, so it was fun for me to be able to be a mentor to Kelli, as well as many other girls in the city of La Mesa. Because I did not grow up in La Mesa, I had a wonderful time during my year learning about my new town and its history. Also during my reign, I was able to work closely with my  Director, Sierra, who helped me prepare for the 2014 Miss Greater San Diego USA pageant, where I placed 2nd Runner Up, and she is currently helping me prepare for Miss California USA! I will always look back on my year as Miss La Mesa with a smile on my face and joy in my heart! Everything I gained from that year has helped shape me into the strong and confident woman I am today.” – Mandy Bakker, Miss La Mesa 2014

“Throughout my years of doing pageants, I have grown immensely. I have been able to give back to my community, learn to speak in public, and grow as an individual during my interviews. My year as Miss Teen La Mesa 2014 helped me to grow in these areas even more. With the support of the community and the pageant directors, I grew into a young lady and obtained valuable life skills. I am able to comfortably stand in front of a crowd of people and give a speech, calmly walk into a job interview, and do my hair and makeup. I have so much to thank this pageant and the directors for and I cannot wait to come back and compete for Miss La Mesa!” – Kelli Loper, Miss Teen La Mesa 2014

“I greatly enjoyed working with Sierra as my pageant director; she never hesitated in giving advice or helping me with anything. From picking out dresses to just talking she was always there for me and the other titleholders. Becoming Miss Santee was very beneficial to helping me grow as a person. I bettered my people skills, speaking abilities and outlook on the world. I gained a deeper love for my city and the individuals who are a part of my community. On top of that, I met amazing women who inspire me to strive for greatness. My time as Miss Santee helped me making connections and led to me getting an internship which has turned into a full-time position. I couldn’t put my experience into a box, but if I did, I would call that box “once in a lifetime”. – Elizabeth Shank, Miss Santee 2014